Michael Redden


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In his recently released second full-length album, independent singer/songwriter Michael Redden showcases a modern pop collection “About Time” with 10 songs that give you a glimpse of his life with love and loss through a diverse range of melodies and genre.

A native of Halifax, Nova Scotia Michael’s writing and voice has drawn comparisons to artists like John Mayer and Ed Sheeran, but his many other influences have also helped shape a unique collage of sounds from blues, dance, country, folk and soul.

Over the past several years his music has put him on a journey around the world performing for people of all walks of life. Having 67 countries visited under his belt, his music is ever changing with the surroundings that keep molding his career.

Though performing steadily for most of his life, it’s been 9 years since his previous album “Musical Chairs’’ was released. Then in 2011 on a mission to help the kids of the Children’s Wish Foundation, he wrote and released 100 songs in as many days travelling Atlantic Canada performing to raise money for his campaign dubbed the “Marathon of Note”. It wasn’t until years later when Michael stumbled upon a track produced by Alex Meade, that he felt he finally found the right producer to make the vision for his next album come to life.